Shafaa Macrodosing Magic Mushroom Gummies Edibles


Shafaa Macrodosing Magic Mushroom candies are sugar-coated, hemispheric-shaped soft candies with a pleasant taste. Shafaa has collaborated closely with the market’s most competitive pastry chefs to achieve the greatest quality, taste, scent, texture, and potency.

The mixture is designed to completely hide the taste of the mushroom without requiring you to consume a big amount of edibles for your psychedelic adventure.

Shafaa macrodosing magic mushroom gummies contain 0.5 grams of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms (Golden Teacher or Penis Envy Shrooms) and come in two delectable flavors: Cherry Cola and Sour Blue Raspberry.

These 500mg macrodose magic mushroom candies are available in four safe doses: Heal (2g), Dissolve (5g), and Restore (5g). Available in 2 options:

  • Heal (2g) – Contains 4 (500mg) Gummies for $45
  • Dissolve (5g) – Contains 10 (500mg) Gummies for $95

Choose from 2 flavours:

  • Cherry Cola
  • Sour Blue Raspberry