Shafaa Evolve Magic Mushroom Microdosing Gummy Bears


Shafaa’s Evolve Magic Mushroom Microdosing Gummies are a one-of-a-kind product on the market, thoughtfully created to improve cognitive functions and memory while providing a pleasant and soft gummy!

SHAFAA’s magic mushroom microdosing gummy bears were created by a known pastry chef following rounds of product testing modifications to maintain potency while masking the disagreeable taste of shrooms.

Premium home-grown Golden Teacher Psilocybin Mushrooms are available in 100 mg doses in the shape of delectable homemade microdosing candies!

This formula is intended to improve your general mental health by improving your capacity to think coherently, making deeper observations, offering focus and clarity, and improving your memory. Each bottle consists of 20 gummies (each gummy contains 100mg of shrooms):

  • Enhance your mood, clarity, and boost your creativity
  • Each gummy contains 100 mg (0.1 grams) of a psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom as one microdosing dose
  • Non GMO, preservative free, gluten free natural gelatin gummies
  • Recommended regimen is two dose per week, or one every 2-3 days