Psilocybe Mushroom Growing Kits USA


With our Magic mushroom grow kits, you grow magic mushrooms easily at home. Our quality growing kits are inoculated with cubensis spores, and the mycelium is fully developed. Follow our instructions, and in a few weeks, you will have your first harvest of Shrooms!

Choose from various kinds of magic mushroom grow kits:

  • Mondo Mushrooms kits, easy to grow and available in standard and XL size mushroom grow kits.
  • GetMagic Mushroom grow kits. Quick set-up. Great Yield. XL kits and standard 1200ml kits.
  • FreshMushroom kits, Very easy, ‘no-maintenance’ and high potency.
  • Hawaiian Copelandia grow kit. Grow your own Panaeolus cyanescens, the strongest magic mushrooms!
  • Grow kits Without Mycelium: Substrates + Liquid culture only! Add your own spores.