Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Starter Pack GetMagic


The GetMagic® magic mushroom beginning grow kit offers everything you need to start growing mushrooms in the best possible conditions. The starter pack includes a water spray, heated mat, hand disinfectant, gloves, and a face mask.

The water spray removes humidity. The thermal heating mat will provide the necessary heat, while the gloves, face mask, and hand disinfectant will keep the kit clean.

The Getmagic® magic mushroom kits have been shown to be remarkable and consistent in terms of quantity and potency. Choose the Getmagic® Mushroom Strain you want from the list below and start cultivating.

  • Gloves (L) 
  • handgel Softa-Man | 100ml  
  • Face Mask  
  • Thermo Heatingmat  
  • Misting bottle | Waterspray